While my very first blog started as a philosophy page, it soon devolved into two main categories. One was technology, especially the articles I was writing weekly for the local newspaper. The other was an idea I had had for years, only updated. Back in the 80’s, people use to send joke faxes to everyone they knew. I kept a file folder of those, and would have fun whipping out one that was appropriate to a particular situation.

Later, the joke email started (shortly after the term “spam” became part of the standard vocabulary). Since I was already in the habit of saving those faxes, making the leap to the emails was easy.

My only two rules for this site is: If it looks like it might be copyrighted, I won’t use it (and if it is, please tell me and I will cheerfully remove it); If I find it offensive (even if I laugh), I won’t post it here. What I find offensive is not necessarily what you find offensive, probably not what Mrs Grundy finds offensive, so send it anyway to fuq@fywservices.com.